• LYRA | Colour Super Ferby Pencils | Waldorf 6 colours

LYRA | Colour Super Ferby Pencils | Waldorf 6 colours


Undoubtedly the best drawing pencils on the market! Lyra pencils are manufactured in Germany and are used in WaIdorf schools all over the world.

These unlacquered, rounded triangular profile pencils allow children to develop the tripod grip. This is particularly beneficial for children who are still developing the correct pencil grip.

The pencils are highly pigmented and give vibrant colour. They are thick and break-resistant, with a 6.25mm diameter core of colour surrounded by a 10mm diameter of natural wood. The pencils are 17.5cm long with a sealed end and sharpened point, ready for use.

The Waldorf Selections include a natural range of colours; lemon yellow, scarlet lake, magenta, prussian blue, sap green & van-dyck brown.