Debresk was founded by Joris Dekkers, Konrad Breidenstein and Anders Skanberg in 1987. A few years after graduating from a Waldorf school in Sweden they met again and decided to make beautiful toys together.  All Debresk wooden toys are made from sustainable European spruce and bear their trademark wood grain and soft sanded finish.

Toys have to be something you want to take care of, something to protect so that it will not be damaged. In relationship to the things the child plays with it develops its relationship to the world. Let the children play with living materials, materials with life have to be taken care of. In this way we can help our children to grow up in a world worth taking care of!

Stimulating the fantasy and creativity, cultivating in the child an appreciation of beauty in order to leave an impression or knowledge about the world. Deep in the ethos behind Debresk lies the intension to contribute to a world where less “wear and tear and throw away" culture reigns, with its environmental and human destruction.